La vida es un carnaval

The title doesn’t have much to do with the actual post or it has to do too much with it.

I was in town and we had a detour through the center and coming to the crossroads I just didn’t know what is the right way home. I knew the one in front goes out of town and I took another one that I also had the feeling that wont get me to the right place but I still took it because I knew I can turn later on. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew the right road was somewhere there I just missed it. Anyway, I turned to the most familiar way…but I was puzzled, what did just happened? I live in a country side town with one main road…

This triggered a feeling in me. Very familiar, I though I forgot it but it was just trying to come back, make its way to my life again.

For some while the road was good, life was normal, my crazy cheerful normal but peaceful. When you fill fulfilled, when you feel good where you are.

My life is exactly like the ‘road situation’ from today. I just forgotten that for a while but life is always there to remember you. Be careful what you wish for, a complicated life is not easy to manage. I do think I can but seriously?

I just remember life will always be a journey, a search for something, I would like to find it soon to be able to enjoy it properly not when is too late.

Will I EVER find that road?


Why some people find they way in life, they feel content, even with less and some of us spent our live in a perpetual journey, looking for ‘it’, that meaning of life that other don’t even think about.

To many ‘why’? meanwhile …La vida es un carnaval…if you manage to find the beauty of life in all this…probably you are grand!

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