This is what is happening in Ireland. I am happy I can work on this campaign and contribute to a better environment here. If you are in in Ireland, please spread the word.
Thank you!

Good Energies Alliance Ireland

A ridiculous situation

As no doubt you are aware, the Irish EPA are coordinating a 2-year Research Study on Fracking in Ireland. This was to be an independent study to advise Government (North and South) on fracking.

It has now eland_1merged that the two main contributors to the study – CDM Smith and Amec Foster Wheeler, are both consultants to the oil and gas industry, and Amec Foster Wheeler is currently a member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition. Two Universities involved, U.C.D and UU, have minor roles and Queen’s University Belfast has pulled out of the research.

This is patently ridiculous. We cannot expect unbiased research from consultancy firms who support fracking operations. The research, instead of “furthering our understanding of the potential impacts on the environment and human health from UGEE projects/operations” (Terms of Reference), is based on how to regulate fracking, rather than whether it is safe…

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