Little music festival in Ballinaglera !

In one of the villages of the county that I live in, this week-end is a music festival, with traditional Irish music. A very nice way of getting to know culture.

Saturday night there was a concert in the community hall, I did not have high expectations but the trio invited to sing was high quality.

They sang traditional music, well known songs for the people in the audience, I enjoyed the rhythm of the jigs!

But the band played also a waltz they composed that got into my soul immediately.

You have here 20 seconds from “Le vals de jouets” or in english, The waltz of the toys by Floriane Blanck and Dermot Bryne.

The after party was in the pub, where local people were playing music and singing along with the beer🙂

Today, Sunday there will be music also in the pub and Irish dance workshop.

Later edit: back from the dance workshop…WOW!!!!!! it was harder then I thought and I haven’t been doing it in the proper fast way. I can say I know the basic, fundamental step and also a bit more. But still…is very hard and is such a goof workout, even if it doesn’t look like at the end you are all sweaty and feel energized …but not tired. I am really thinking of practicing the steps instead of some other type of workout or maybe, get into the actual classes every week.

If you are interested in dance classes in Leitrim:

Facebook page: 

…and check the video, it is wonderful🙂 Some of the steps from there is what I learned today.

dance shoes #irishdance

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