First and short impressions about Amsterdam

“Let’s go in Amsterdam for your birthday, go with the girls, have fun! ” That was a possibility for this February but for me things are never I planned them, sometimes can be a bad things but mostly is a good thing, like this time.

I have never visited The Netherlands, I wanted to see the Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, instead I got a project and went there in a small city at German border, called Valkenburg and I also went to Maastrich and I got a bit of Amsterdam.

I can say I only went for hours in Amsterdam but I had a long walk on the main canals and in the Red District.

What I like is that Schipol Airport has very fast connections with the city, 15 minutes and it cost 5.10 euro.

By the way, for who doesn’t know, the I AMSTERDAM sign is exactly outside the airport 🙂



When you arrive in to the central station, this is right in the middle of the city and its a starting point for any walk. If you need to leave you luggage there, the small lockers are around 5 euros for 24h.

The building of the station is pure beauty:

Central Station

Central Station

The canals are wonderful, you should also know that I am a big fan of Venice, but the canals and the houses here are absolutely lovely and more taken care of, I almost said I like more Amsterdam than Venice but I can actually compare them since Venice is an Unesco heritage, only canals and old buildings.

The river is called Amstel.


But Amsterdam doesn’t stink 😀.

am4 am5

In the Dam Square is a town square  and you can find there notable and well-known buildings. you can see the Royal Palace – neoclassic architecture, Nieuwe Kerk – 15th century Gothic and the most famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.


After this a short walk to the Red District made me wonder “what the hell?” Not only there but in the very touristic area, the stores selling hemp, seeds and other catchy products including weed and derived product and souvenirs (weed lollipop!!!)were to many and unfortunately I couldn’t stop the feeling of ” kitsch” and felt no desire of smoking anything!

I want to see the city again, to see it full of flowers in spring time, to go to the Van Gogh museum and Madame Tussaud’s but I won’t make a clisee out of it and go to get high and attend a bachelorette party.

Also, passing by the Red District I have seen the girls in the windows and even I saw a documentary about this business I had a very sad feeling. People treated as merchandise is a sad view, my friend living there, told me that most of them do this because they need to and its not that simple as one might thinks even if is legal.

As writing these lines I was thinking that is some way, some of us sell our services, we get money and maybe we don’t like it but we still do it, we sell our dreams, hopes, our souls, our time, our extra time that we should spend with our families to different people or businesses and we enjoy the same way the money a prostitute gets for her services, so why do we get so ashamed when it is about someone’s body?

I don’t support prostitution but I cannot also say that I condemn it 100% but still I felt uncomfortable seeing the girls there and I thinks maybe because I knew they don’t want there.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What do you think, legalizing prostitution is a good choice?

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