Bienvenue a Paris

A lot of people dream about going to Paris,  that’s what I heard, I wasn’t…well…not in the the way that would make me put the city on my top ten list. Of course it was on a list but I was never actually attracted to it. I have been in France as part of a road trip but in the south of France and I can say I enjoyed it because well, Cote d’Azure is pretty amazing.
But, without too much planning and thinking of it I got to Paris with a bunch of friends to attend a conference.  Of course,  like in the most cases,  I don’t actually choose my destinations but the events.
Thinking way ahead I said I will not be impressed by Paris but how not to be, really,  I tried my best,  I put on an arrogant face and tried not to get seduced by la Seine and the parisian atmosphere.
I always say that travelling is not only about the places but also the company, especially if you have the chance to hang out with locals you should do it because you will get authentic experiences.
Was not the case in Paris but still,  the venues for the conference and social events made us experience relevant places like Pantheone – Sorbonne or “le Ponton”, apparently one the hottest clubs in Europe.  I really doubt that but who am I to say it…
I haven’t been wondering around with precise plans and tourist guides but I always do my research before.
I have had one and a half days for sightseeing and I got to see some of the main attractions. The thing I wanted to do most was  walk in Montmarte and I got to do it, also been to Sacre-Coeur and enjoyed the view from the top.
Notre Dame, well… that was better than I thought,  I mean, seriously…I am very incline to say that is better than San Pietro, Vatican. Wait until a french sees my statement :)),or Italian??
The Eiffeil Tower, hmmm…, what’s so romantic in that…? Or I might not have a sense of romanticism.
Ohh…the food…even sounds stereotypical…having croissants in the morning with coffee,  it’s heaven. And yes, baguettes are better than normal bread. Food is expensive but not everywhere and there are so many choices,  it felt like an endless place for every kind of restaurants with all the cuisine you can imagine. We had dinner in Tibetan, Indian, french, Italian restaurants. So I get to the multicultural environment,  there are more immigrants than french people.

Globalization looks good in certain aspects but as long as one nations doesn’t loose identity.
Keep being french, France!

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