One way ticket

Do you this song? an oldie, who’s title fascinated me always and made me think of that moment when I will have a plane ticket just one way, not knowing when I will return.

Yes, I got that one way ticket to Dublin. Unexpected destination actually. I never thought I would live in Ireland but I like to let life surprise me from time to time. This where I found what I wanted to do and i am happy I took this opportunity.

I really hope this is only the begging of what I call, not travel but live some time in different places.

But for now, I here since the 4th of September and I can say, I feel good! I might have brought the sun because everybody was complaining about the ugly summer they had, more rainy then anything else. September seems like a wonderful month here, a lot of sun, the highest temperature I think it was 20-22C. For me is good, because i don’t like hot weather.

Oh yes, the weather is one of the main subjects here, everybody talks about the weather all the time because they have plenty of it!  That is the maritime climate, it can be sunny at 9 AM, then cloudy, then it rain at noon, again sun, a bit of rain and sun again! You can get bored! I also have to say that I have never seen clouds so beautiful like here🙂

I live in Leitrim county that is probably the most rural county in Ireland. I was born and raised in a city, but I don’t miss subways and traffic. I think I needed this anyway.

Going back to the theme of this blog post… one way ticket…I was thinking that I wasn’t that impressed wit h the moment, I though it will be more emotional. It is an important milestone in one’s life but I might took it as something natural when I got here.

Well…most important is that i am good.

Did you experience moving to another country? Any feeling that you would like to share?

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