Jet lagged feelings about Bali

Jet lagged feelings about Bali.

via Jet lagged feelings about Bali.

I just returned from one of the most amazing experiences lately.

I don’t have any “top ten”, “top 3″ or other types of centralization of my travels and I am happy because that means I have so many wonderful experiences that I cannot just choose between them and categorize.

The latest was in Bali, Indonesia. I am jet lagged but happy about it. I wake up really early and feel sleepy in the afternoon, 9 PM is “going to bed late”. Somehow I want to preserve a bit of my Asian habits the same way you keep sand in your shoes when coming back home from sea side.

I had to come back to real life but I don’t mind being a bit blue, the post-traveling blues still does not affects me so much as I thought, you don’t get used to it completely but after years and years you accept it as part of your life and experiences as normal. First time when I got back home from Asia, for a week I was so messed up, no one could enter my bubble or understand me. Until I was fully rested I was unsociable and only wanted to interact with the people I was with in Asia.

This time is different since I am older and…wiser (that’s who is supposed to be, right?) but I am still hanging to pretty and humid Indonesian bubble.

I strongly believe that if you are not Asian you should visit at least once a country there so to understand the beauty of a  new cultural environment , the beauty of Mother Nature’s diversity and all in one, to understand, bottom line, we are not that different.

Indonesian Dances

Somehow I feel wiser, and not only because I attended a conference, more tolerant and most important thing, I feel better, I have this feeling of enlightenment. Not that I don’t know how to “speak sarcasm” anymore but I feel changed and more open. I don’t know what those temples did to me…!!! They were everywhere in every street! =))

In Bali, they out everyday an offering for the Gods, today I feel doing the same, to somehow thanks the Universe for being so amazing.

Bali symbol

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