It never gets easy, a story about good-byes

Half hour ago,  I said good bye to a group of people with whom I spent the last week,  24/7. It’s not the firts time I am doing it,  I said goodbyes to people so many times I don’t even remember,  people that were much more dear to me or less. When you travel and get to know people eveywhere this is part of your life and at some point you get used with the feeling of departing and think that you might not see that person again in your life. Until the next time you will never know for sure and you hug him/her wondering if you said and done everything you could have done in the amount of time you had together. 
But it never gets easy.  One more time I know that I will always have an emptiness in my soul the moment I say goodbye. 
And I won’t regret the things I’ve done but the words I have never said and the hours I slept instesd of going to the beach or having a heart conversation.  By the way, is rather more probable to have meaningful and deep conversations with people you don’t know well,  especially when you travel than with your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends that you often see. And by this I refer to the concentration of deepness you can have in one week. So you live intense and realize how precious is every moment. I am so addicted to this, its almost lime a drug, I tend to become less happy and more bored of life,  if from tme to time and I don’t have my part of intense emotions.
I want to be conquested, seduced,  feel friendship,  love places, like food, want more,  feel the pain,  not sleep enough,  be surprised,  try new experiences,  kiss people, take photos or even cry in airports, BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE.

It will never get easy to say goodbye,  I might never see you again but I preffer to syffer the pain of not seeing you again than to live in the ignorance that I never met you.


Black Sea, Kobuleti

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