First touch of ISFiT

When I was in the train from central Oslo to the airport a little girl with a huge luggage asked me if I am an ISFiT-er. I looked at her and smiling, I said: ‘it’s all over my face, right?’ And I know that in that precise moment I felt included, I felt that I was meant to be there. The girl was the first person from ISFiT that I met and her name is Giovana and she’s from Brazil. We got along so good from the first moment. In the airport first I saw a blond girl with a ISFiT banner and I said: we found you! That was only the beginning because a few meter away a sea of people and luggages, occupying half of Oslo’s airport, appeared in front of my eyes. A bit shy, but not showing it, I met new people, like Alina from Rusia and Hugo from Argentina. And of course, the Algerian team! Great boys!
When we left to Trondheim we already had our gang, we had a lot of fun in the bus, we also had a bit of sleep. But none of them were from my workshop…I still had to met “my people”.
It was 6-7 in the morning when the bus stopped. I woke up, confused and cold, shivering I got of the bus, it was still dark outside and…of course snow. But so cold. Trying to wake up I got my luggage and went to the red round building that later became the place where I met new friends, had great parties, had Norwegian beer :)) and attended wonderful activities and ceremonies : Studenter Samfundet. Inside the big, round hall, behind desks, students volunteers were waiting for us, nervous as we and wondering how the 2013 participants are going to be. I signed in and someone said that I have to wait for one of my workshop leaders, Marianne to come and get me. And I saw her, our Wok, Marianne or as I nicknamed her, the Angel. She gave me her bright smile and lead me to a place named Strossa. A kind of bar, disco. On the the left side was the sign: W2. They are! My workshop. I wish I remembered the very first persons I met but I can’t. I remember that besides Marianne, other 2 ws leaders were expecting us. I remember meeting Axel, first because of the name and then because he makes a strong impression when you see him. Then was Lindsay. The girl with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
From the participants, I remember Teo, Yelena and Jasna and Maria. Then Miriam and Jami and Lena. Together we had our first walk near the river, that day.


I remember also Dita and Tao, their hosts came for them early, meanwhile the rest of us were still expecting someone to “want us”. Jami, especially, wanted to go to what we will be calling home for the next 10 days.
Jami, the Californian girl who studies at Berkley! I felt little compared to her and I was wondering how “accessible” will she be. Well, I can say now that we were almost twins these days and I had so much fun with her, I laughed so much…
One other person that I met that morning and I enjoyed talking to very much was Yahya. I am very happy that I worked with him in workshops and I learned from him.
Then was Miriam, I was so happy to meet someone from Croatia! And then I found out she and I will be roommates.
After my coffee needs were satisfied I had proper conversations. I was eager to find out more about Norway and the people and their lifestyle. My main “victim” was Lindsay, Axel seemed not so accessible and well…not even Norwegian :)). By the way, German people rock!!!!! Axel, Julia and Nico, Bestrafe Mich! :)))
Later on the day I found out that my host is also a volunteer and workshop leader, I had breakfast and I ate for the first time the Norwegian brown cheese (i just realized that the one I bought for home I forgot it in the fridge :(( ) and I met more people. I remember when Hanna came, I knew her from the Facebook group, she seemed so serious but actually she is so much fun. I loved talking to her and I appreciate how she managed to keep us alert that first day after a night in bus. And I think that the last one who came was Shyaam, he was the one showing us what is there to see in the city.
That day we spent in Samfundet waiting for hosts and doing practically nothing I realized that was pretty god, thanks to the leaders that and their patience.
Oh, and how could I forget about HiHaHu! This game, very popular with the students in Trondheim, was introduced to us, as an energizer and with the promise that will be important and we will play it daily.
When I saw what was it about I was sooo annoyed and didn’t want to play….but it became addiction :)) and I like it now and I will spread it on. Hi ha hu!
Now I am in the bus for Oslo, almost all are sleeping, I felt like expressing myself. I would have loved to be more funny but I feel emotional now, I had my tear now that no one sees me !

p.s. I’m not a nnative english speaker, I am aware that I make mistakes so if you feel the need to correct me, please do it in a friendly manner (romanians are really unforgivable with spelling mistakes in every language they know :)) )

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