By the Ocean

When I arrived at Cap Ferret I had the feeling the world is mine.

Cap Ferret is a headland situated in Gironde, France or I can say it’s near Bordeaux. It separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Arcachon Bay and it’s very well preserved natural landscape. It’s well known for it’s lighthouse and as a touristic destination. It is a place of many possibilities, from the sand dunes you can admire the ocean and tides, cycle trough the pine-scented forests (planted at Napoleon’s orders), enjoy oyster in the village or the expensive yacht in the Arcachon Bay. Don’t forget to visit the Lighthouse.

It was an experience “France by Chance”, we got there without anticipation but it become rapidly one of my favorite  places in Europe. I only got the low tide. But it was amazing because then you can see what the water brought, the little ponds on the beach, sand patterns, fauna. I still remember the feeling on my feet in the sand.

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