Piramids along the Nile…

I don’t know a single soul that doesn’t want to see Egypt. To walk into a pyramid, to see a pharaoh’s thumb, some ancient jewelry, a museum, Red Sea, to scuba diving, walk into the Valley of the Kings, wonder about the size of the statues, secretly pray in a temple or just get some tan on a nice beach.

As I recovered a lot of my photographs I remembered my trip along the Nile.

Egyptology Museum in Cairo, a red building with a surprising nice garden

Ancient rock: A pyramid

A modern building in Cairo with Qur’an carved inscriptions

Giza Plateau

The Sphinx (was in restoration when I visited it…I have this “big luck”

Making papirus

Good Morning, Cairo

The Nile in Cairo

My first visit to a Mosque

The Nile

Lotus Monument – Aswan

The Nasser lake, the Aswan dam, the straw dog

Botanical garden along the Nile, yes it was flooded


In the village

Egyptian baby

camels parking


Made in Romania😉

Valley of the kings

Temple by night

Red sea is soooo blue

Blow fish

Hurghada Sunset

Sunset in the desert

Bedouin life style

Just playing with fire…

Sunrise on the Nile

Bye bye!🙂

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