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Here in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is National Day! it’s a big deal and it’s celebrated all over the country in many way but for sure the most famous are the parades.

We are part of Samboeire, a drumming band in Sligo and we took part in a parade in Kiltimagh for St. Patrick’s day. We were very Irish, parading on the streets of the lovely town of Kiltimagh. It was our first experience in a parade and we are very proud we had this opportunity. We were been playing bells and being in the front line of the group was not easy! All eyes on us, people filming and taking photos, definitely being a star is not an easy job😉.

The parade was very cheerful and inventive, I was impressed by people’s imagination. Most of the groups parading had the 1916 Rising theme, since this year is the centenary of the most important moment in Irish history. But we also had…Donald O’Trump! And the Pope…and dancing nuns!

We ended up having a pint in the local pub and then we hit the road to…Galway!! Just after realising we lost the car keys but they were found and returned to us…a bit of adrenaline…🙂😀.

We planned a little road trip that made us appreciate even more the natural beauty of Ireland.

You can see on the map our route and most the pins have also photos from the places we’ve been.

Day 2 started in Galway with a morning walk in the city and then we went a famous part of Ireland: The Burren and Cliffs of Moher. As always, I am lucky having wonderful weather, not a trace of clouds in the sky!

Driving through the Burren taught us about the karstic landscape of county Clare, the name “Burren” comes from an Irish word “Boíreann” meaning a rocky place and it is indeed very much like that because of the exposed limestone. This same rock gave to the landscape the wonder of the Aillwee Cave, one of the oldest caves in Ireland, amazing formations and alongside the wall a surprise waterfall sprayed us!

At the Cliffs of Moher we had a long coastal walk with many stops for pictures, it was breathtaking and is very hard to comment about what was there! The dramatic cliffs in the sunshine are imposing and making their way to your heart and mind.

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Saturday was a day dedicated to the Wild Atlantic Way, going on the coast and enjoying the landscapes, having a picnic on a beach with turquoise waters and foraging for …limpets! Lisandra, told us about the limpets, called lapas in Portuguese that she would take from the rocks in the Azores and cook them. So, she felt at home managing to get the limpets and in the evening we cooked them with garlic and butter, it was awesome!!

We passed by Roundstone, and Clifden, a lovely coast town, Cleggan and ended up in the heart of Connemara – Letterfrack and enjoyed a sunset on a little peninsula, Tullycross.

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Day 4 started with a hike in the Connemara National Park. We made it to the top of Diamond Hill and the view was extremely rewarding. After, we drove around Ireland’s only Fjord, Killary not being able to talk, astonished and overwhelmed of it all. Sunday’s picnic was on the sides of the Ashleigh Waterfall and we continued to the “lost beach” of Mayo, Silver Strand. We wanted to see the sunset but it was cloudy…good weather coming to an end at the same time with as our trip. But instead of watching the sunset we found more limpets and ended up home, cooking them and ending properly our amazing days.

Ireland is an amazing country, I knew it before coming here and before going on this road trip but those days were as beautiful as only I could have imagined. Being on the Wild Atlantic Way was just amazing…I don’t know about others but me and water we have a special connection and being close to it makes me feel much, much better and revives parts of me that sometimes feel forgotten.

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The temperature spiral was designed by Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. The animated graphic features a rainbow-colored record of global temperatures spinning outward from the late 19th century to the present as the Earth heats up.5_9_16_Andrea_TempSpiralEdHawkins

This is the initial spiral that stops at 2016 and no comments needed, are we reaching 1.5C this year? The proof is temperature records broken every month for the past year.

The second is even more scary but it became viral, it’s popularity can be attributed in part to its hypnotic nature and the visceral way it shows the present predicament of climate change.



La vida es un carnaval

The title doesn’t have much to do with the actual post or it has to do too much with it.

I was in town and we had a detour through the center and coming to the crossroads I just didn’t know what is the right way home. I knew the one in front goes out of town and I took another one that I also had the feeling that wont get me to the right place but I still took it because I knew I can turn later on. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew the right road was somewhere there I just missed it. Anyway, I turned to the most familiar way…but I was puzzled, what did just happened? I live in a country side town with one main road…

This triggered a feeling in me. Very familiar, I though I forgot it but it was just trying to come back, make its way to my life again.

For some while the road was good, life was normal, my crazy cheerful normal but peaceful. When you fill fulfilled, when you feel good where you are.

My life is exactly like the ‘road situation’ from today. I just forgotten that for a while but life is always there to remember you. Be careful what you wish for, a complicated life is not easy to manage. I do think I can but seriously?

I just remember life will always be a journey, a search for something, I would like to find it soon to be able to enjoy it properly not when is too late.

Will I EVER find that road?


Why some people find they way in life, they feel content, even with less and some of us spent our live in a perpetual journey, looking for ‘it’, that meaning of life that other don’t even think about.

To many ‘why’? meanwhile …La vida es un carnaval…if you manage to find the beauty of life in all this…probably you are grand!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum – Glasgow

Organ concert – James Bond theme.


Part of:

A Birthday surprise…

Recently was my birthday (Alice) and as I always do, I went visiting a new place but leaving my colleagues with the promise that we will cook and celebrate together when I am back.

Yes…we all like cooking!

But as I would be used from my home country on my birthday I would do something for my guests but on Monday morning I saw that people are acting a bit weird at the office…then some movements…Olga buying garlic bread…then going in and out the office…something is happening, they are plotting!!

And a smell is coming from the kitchen…

Lunch time arrived and there was it: Veggie lasagna! And garlic bread!

So I found out that in Ireland people do prepare something for the birthday person, in my case this adorable lunch, the lasagna was so delicious that I had to have seconds. They should have warn me there is more to come…Cédric made an apple cake, one of my favorite desserts!

Very nice feeling to see genuine care from my colleagues and felt a bit overwhelmed with attention.

So…next day I rewarded them with one of my best recipes: Tiramisú!

And the next day Cédric cooked quiche and Lisandra Queijada de leite …

It’s a never-ending story…should we open a restaurant??

Cheap flights from Tarom!


Paravion announces: tariffs are for return ticket and includes airport taxes
Locurile sunt limitate și sunt valabile în funcție de disponibilități. Prețurile sunt valabile până pe 31 ianuarie 2016. Perioada de calatorie: 25 ianuarie 2016 – 31 martie 2016. Perioada minimă de ședere: 2 zile.  Perioada maximă de ședere: 14 zile.

Taken from I can totally relate to most of them, also I think is funny when you realise is true. For example, my house mate is eating a lot of chocolate …And I am sure why😉

1. People are happier when they’re kept busy. It keeps them feeling positive.

2. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise are the only six emotions that are universally expressed.

3. Chocolate discharges the same chemical in your body as when you feel love.

4. People are more honest when they’re tired.

5. A 20 second hug releases chemicals in the body that help you trust the one you’re hugging.

6. Studies suggest that losing your phone triggers the same panic as a near death experience.

7. You’re more logical when you think in another language.

8. No blind person has ever developed schizophrenia.

9. High school kids have the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950’s.

10. The brain feels rejection as pain.

11. Your mind wanders about 30% of the time.

12. Your most vivid memories are probably wrong.

13. Even the illusion of progress motivates us.

14. Internet addiction may be added to the list of mental disorders.

15. You can’t multi-task.

16. Your unconscious mind knows first.

17. We’re only capable of being close with about 150 people.

18. When you remember a past event, you’re remembering the last time you remembered it.

19. Small chunks of material are easier to remember.

20. Memories get distorted over time, and every human has at least one piece of false memory.

21. People with low self esteem are often bullies.

22. 80% of conversations are complaining.

23. People who volunteer are more satisfied with their lives.

24. Your brain is more creative when it’s tired.

25. Relationships are more important for your health than exercise.

No…no…There is not a festival going on 9 nights and unfortunately is already gone.

It was the 24th of October but as a bad blogger that I am and very busy person I did not post anything about it. Big mistake since I was not just present in Belfast for the festival but I was part of it!!

I won’t get into details about how I manage to get into that because it was mostly about luck and me so adorable😉.

Anyway…my part was not something big, I got into this just one day before the actual big evening because my friend, Del, was going to be there with the drummers so I manage to get a place among the torch bearers. Not the ones coming along in the street but the ones performing a bit of choreography with the torches.

But wait! I haven’t said anything about what Nine Nights is!

It comes from Indian mythology: We follow the devastation of a land torn apart by war and ruled by fear, only to be overcome by a true warrior goddess in an epic battle of good over evil.

This spectacular piece of outdoor theatre takes it’s inspiration from the Hindu celebrations of Navratri (which translates to ‘Nine Nights’), Diwali & Dusshera.

The classic tale tells of a powerful demon, who became immortal and could not be killed by any weapon. He wreaked havoc and misery on the land and it’s people.

Devastated by his terror, a true female warrior was born to defeat the demon. The warrior, known as Durga, fought with the demon for nine days and nights and on the tenth day she defeated the demon and restored peace to the land.

Only on succeeding the people find there lies an even greater battle ahead. A love tested by separation leaves a despairing, true hearted soldier seeking help. Inspired by the blessings of the warrior, the soldier sets of to fight an epic battle to rescue his love from the hands of tyranny.

It was roughly one hour of flag, torches, dancers, Gods, lights, dragons and fireworks. The weather was on our side…no rain, otherwise I would be soaked waiting for my turn outside. We, the torch people were dressed all in white😀.

The most famous torches of Nine Nights

The most famous torches of Nine Nights

Since I was part of it I was not allowed to have camera during so I only have some photos from the first rehearsal.

The show took part at Belfast City Hall and it was organized by ArtsEkta Northern Ireland’s leading ethnic arts organisation. A mix of cultures that offered a show about how good always defeats evil and how can we work together. It was one big event in Belfast, know for its past events and also I heard it was something new that something like this was allowed in the City Hall.

Official video here:



Check more wordless:

Romanian site :@ Carmen

Article written by myself on GEAI’s blog after the workshop in Sustainable Development Goals. Any thoughts?

Good Energies Alliance Ireland

The Environmental Pillar and Dochas held a workshop on 30th September on the most important subject of the week: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

the previous week in New York, after intense negotiations, 193 countries agreed on the next set of development goals but this was the easy part, the hard part is coming now: implementation.

The workshop’s main objective was to raise awareness of and support for the SDGs and the responsibilities of Ireland and its people.

Mr. Johnathan Derham talking about ensuring sustainable consumption Mr. Johnathan Derham talking about ensuring sustainable consumption

The goals discussed were:

Goal 2. End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Goal 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

I attended the group discussions for goal 13 and I was happy to find that I…

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